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Neil Hong - Media Access Specialist


1st Place for the smallest fish caught!

     Years ago, I started my career working in the video game industry. I spent many long hours creating background graphics, character animations, special effects for the games, and I also performed IT duties to keep the company running. I learned a lot in the five years I worked in the gaming industry and also came to the realization that the life style was not for me. I left it all behind to freelance as a graphic artist and IT consultant. Everyone thought I was crazy to leave a dream job, and maybe I was… 

     After a few years of freelance work, I began my work here in the DSPS department. During my time at OCC, I have taught a 3D animation class and Photoshop/Illustrator class in the Art Center. Over 14 years later, I’m still here! I guess my time here speaks for itself. I enjoy assisting students/staff and find it more fulfilling than creating explosions and blowing up monsters. When I’m not on the job, I’m usually outdoors doing something. I enjoy traveling, sightseeing, fishing, camping and many other outdoor activities.