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Online Registration

​When to Register

On our home page, you can find the deadlines to complete the Enrollment Steps for each semester. Shortly after the deadline, your "registration appointment" will appear in your MyOCC account. This will be the very earliest time that you can register. ​

Registration Appointments

Registration app​ointments are assigned a few weeks before registration begins. See Registration Periods for dates and more information.

  • To find your registration appointment, you will log in to MyOCC, click on Registration Status. Select the term to view your appointment.
  • Your registration appointment is NOT a physical appointment for which you must appear on campus. Rather, it is the earliest possible date and time that you can register online for a given semester. You can register from any computer with Internet Access. 

If you are having trouble finding this in MyOCC, visit our View My Eligibility page, which shows you, step by step, with screenshots, how to find your registration appointment in MyOCC.  

Plan My Schedule with Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a tool that allows you to build and compare schedules that best fit your work-school-life balance via your MyOCC. Based off the courses you want and your availability to attend, you are able to shop for the best schedule possible. 

  • Build schedules before your registration date for a quick, easy registration experience.
  • When you find the schedule you want, send it to your shopping cart. 

​Common Errors and Problems When Adding Classes

  • High School Applicant: ​If you applied as a high school student and NOT as a First-Time College student, you will not qualify for Freshman Priority Registration. You will need to re-apply as a "First Time College Student." For help with this, students can contact Enrollment Services.​

  • Prerequisite/Corequisite Error: A prerequisite is a class that you have to take before another class. A corerequisite is a class that you have to take with another class. Usually when students receive this error, it is because they have not taken a required prerequisite course. If you believe that you took the required prerequisite at another college, you should submit a Prerequisite Form, along with attached transcripts, to the Clearance Window, 1st floor, Watson Hall, or in advance of your registration. It can take up to 10 business days for staff to process your form. 

    Sometimes students also see this error when adding science courses, because they must add the lab and the lecture at the same time--a corequisite error will sometimes occur if you add just one or the other. To avoid this problem, enter both CRNs at the same time in the "Add or Drop Classes" screen.

  • Cohort Error: This means that the CRN that you are trying to register into is locked down to a select cohort, or group, of students. Unless you are part of that group, you will not be able to register for that section.

  • Holds: If you have a hold listed on your "Eligibility" page, you will not be able to register. We recommend that you call the number listed next to your hold as early as possible to take care of the problem. 

  • Scheduling Conflict: There MUST be 10 minutes in between classes that you are trying to add. If the times of the classes conflict, you will not be able to add the second class. 

Other Problems? Questions? 

If you have questions when registering for classes, you should contact the OCC Answer Center for assistance. 
"​​Help! I didn't finish my steps by the deadline!" 

That's ok. Even if you have NOT completed all of the steps needed to receive Priority Registration, you will still be able to register for classes! The registration appointment listed in your MyOCC account will just be a little later than it would have been if you had finished all the steps by the Priority Registration deadline for that semester.  ​

We recommend that you register for classes, and then focus on completing your steps so that you may qualify for priority registration for the next semester.

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