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Step 3--Assessment


​​​​​​​​​​​​​You should plan to take your placement test after you have applied to OCC and received your student ID number. ​

Prepare for Assessment

Placement tests are not "pass" or "fail" tests, rather, they are designed to assign you to the appropriate course based on your skill level. 

For that reason, we encourage you to study for the English and math placement test using the sample questions on our Placement Test Information page.

Where To Test

 1. Your Local High School with Coast District (OCC, GWC, CCC). Coast District colleges will be on-site at select local high schools to offer opportunities for students to take their placement. 

  • ​Contact your high school counselor to sign up for these testing dates. Be sure to apply at least a week before the testing date.​​
  • ​Testing at your local high school with a different college.  You may test at these events, but you must request that your results be sent to OCC. You can also drop them off at the Assessment Center. Turn in your scores as soon as possible!
​​ 2. Walk-In Testing at OCC.  You can take your math and English test in the OCC Assessment Center. You will need to bring a photo ID, and your student ID number.

  3. Fast Forward Sign up for Fast Forward events! Complete your placement tests, SEP and Orientation all in one day.​


​Placement Test Clearances

If you have completed any of the four items, you may be cleared from taking the placement test. To begin the clearance process, please fill out the Clearance Form. We encourage you to submit clearance forms well in advance of your registration date.

  1.  EAP/CAASP/SBAC Results. If you received a "Ready" (Standard Exceeded) status for English and/or math.
  2. AP Scores. If you have received a score of "3" or above on an AP Calculus AB or BC exam. If you received a score of "3" or above on an AP English Literature or English Language and Composition exam.
  3. Other Community College Placement Test Results. If you took a placement test at an accredited Community College (including OCC) within the last two years.
  4. Successful Completion of Courses. If you have successfully completed an English or math course from an accredited college or university that is considered equivalent at Orange Coast College with a "C" or better.

Access Results​​

 You will find your test results online. Log in to MyOCC, click on the "Student" tab, and then click "Unofficial Transcript" submit all levels.​

Retesting Policies

All test results are valid for two (2) years from the original test date. You MUST wait one year before retaking the same placement test. For Math, you are permitted to retest in a different math level within a year, but may not test in the same level.