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Step 4--Student Education Plan (SEP)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ About SEP's​

 The fourth step is to meet with a counselor and create a Student Education Plan (SEP).  An SEP is a plan of  courses that should be taken in order to reach a student's educational goal. There are two types of plans:  an abbreviated SEP (first semester plan) or a comprehensive SEP (a multi-year plan). 

​ During the advising session, counselors will discuss educational goals, appropriate course selection, and  may refer students to appropriate support services. Counselors will use this information to create an  abbreviated Student Education Plan (SEP). 
​​Prepare To Meet with a Counselor

 ​​Abbreviated SEP meetings with a counselor are usually scheduled for 15 minutes. In order to get the  most out of the meeting with your counselor, here are some tips.

      Things to Consider Before Your Appointment:

  1. ​​​​​​What career are you interested in pursuing?
  2. Do you want a ​Certificate, Associate's degree or want to transfer? ​If you do not have a major, what are you interested in studying?
  3. What are your ideas for your major?

​​      Items to Bring to Your Counseling Appointment:

  1. ​Test scores
  2. AP or IB scores
  3. AP/IB test subjects and dates
  4. Transcripts from any college coursework taken while in high school​​​

You may not have any of the above items - do not worry!

 Make an Appointment​​

 At this point, you will need to make an appointment directly through the Counseling Center.​​ The Counseling Center makes appointments on Thursday for the following week.

 Use Yo​​ur SEP​​​​​​​​​​​

​ Once a plan has been created, you can view your SEP and track your progress in DegreeWorks, via   MyOCC. ​To access your SEP, log into  MyOCC, select the “Student” tab, and then click on  ​“Launch DegreeWorks.”  There, you can view which courses you have taken thus far, view transfer  credits that have been applied  to your degree, view which prerequisites and/or corequisites are required  for various courses, and  estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate​.

We encourage you to meet up with your counselor each semester in order to update/modify/change your ​plan. Make an appointment today.