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Step 2--Orientation

​​​​​​About The Orientation Requirement ​

New students (students are considered new students if they’ve never taken classes at Orange Coast College as a college student) are required to complete orientation prior to registering for classes.* Please note that orientations are campus-specific, thus new students to OCC will still have to complete the orientation regardless if students completed this at another campus. 

When To Complete the Online Orientation 

Students will be able to access the online orientation after submitting their online application. Students will receive an email from admissions within 3-7 business days containing their student ID number, as well as instructions to log into MyOCC. Students can then access the online orientation anytime via MyOCC. We encourage students to complete their orientation as soon as they receive their confirmation email from OCC Admissions.

The orientation will provide you an overview of the following

  • Introduction to Orange Coast College
  • Academic Expectations
  • Registration and Enrollment Process
  • Assessment, Prerequisites, and Corequisites
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Support Services
  • Other Support Services
  • Educational Planning


Check Your Eligibility

When you have completed your online orientation, click the "View My Eligibility" link on MyOCC. It is a good idea to check this after each step to ensure that you are eligible in the system for Priority Registration.

Once you have completed all 4 Enrollment Steps, your screen should look like this:


  • Your check marks should appear within a few days of completing each step. Keep in mind that when you complete your assessment, you should see checkmarks for BOTH "Math Placement Test" and "English Placement Test." Also, after meeting with a counselor for your SEP, you should see checkmarks for BOTH "Student Education Plan in DegreeWorks" and "Program of Study."​
  • If you don't see a checklist: you may have applied to Orange Coast as a "High School Student" and not as a "First Time College Student," and will need to reapply. Visit our View My Eligibility page to learn more.

Technical Issues with your Online Orientation?


  • If you cannot access the online orientation, or you cannot complete the online orientation, you should contact Technical Support.
  • If you successfully completed the online orientation, but are still not seeing the green checkmark on your eligibility screen, contact the Assessment Center.​​



*Orientation Exemptions

Students may be exempted from orientation if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Completed an AA/AS degree or higher
  • Enrolled at the college solely to take a course that is legally mandated for employment
  • Enrolled at the college as a special admit student

Please note that even if you are exempt from the orientation, you may still wish to complete it in order to be eligible for Priority Registration.