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View My Eligibility

​​​​It is a good idea to regularly check your "View My Eligibility" page in MyOCC. This page will allow you to check your FPR or Priority Registration status, and to see which, if any, steps you still need to complete. It will also tell you when you can begin to register for classes for the upcoming semester. 


Checking Eligibility​

To check your progress, log in to MyOCC, click the "Student" tab and then click the link that says "View My Eligibility."​

When you are eligible for Priority Registration (or FPR), your page should look like this (with the word "Eligible" in green, and green checkmarks all the way down): 




If you see this red symbol: ​​next to any of the options in the Eligibility table, it means that you either have not completed a step, or, that the step you completed has not been entered into the system. If you know you have completed a step, but it is still showing as incomplete, you should contact the appropriate department below: 

​​Placement Testing for Math Assessment Center ​​ ​
​Placement Testing for English
​Student Education Plan in DegreeWorksCounseling ​​
​Course of Study


Don't See a Checklist?

If you applied as a high school student, or if you applied to participate in our Special Part-Time Program for high school students, you need to reapply to OCC as a "First Time College Student." 

If you applied as a high school student, your "View My Eligibility" page will look like this: 


​​Instead of displaying a checklist, you will see a message that reads: "Priority Registration Status: NOT ELIGIBLE At the present time you are attending as a concurrently enrolled high school student, which means that you are not eligible for priority registration. Once you have completed high school and have been admitted as a regular full-time student, you will be eligible for priority registration." 

If you see this message, but have graduated high school, you should reapply as a "First Time College Student." ​



Checking Your Registration Appointment​​

Your Registration Appointment appears in MyOCC at the bottom of your Eligibility page. 



  • ​​​Unless you are an FPR student participating in our New Student Registration, your appointment is NOT a physical appointment​ for which you have to meet on campus. Rather, it is just the very earliest date and time during which you will be permitted to register online for that semester. 
  • Once you know when to register, you can learn how​ to register online by visiting the Priority Registration page ​​or the FPR Registration page​ (for FPR students only).