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LGBTQIA+ Student Resources

Orange Coast College is committed to creating an accepting, supportive, and diverse learning environment for all on campus. The Office of Student Equity provides LGBTQ IA+ resources for students, faculty, and staff to assist with creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the campus community. 

    What are Gender Pronouns?

    Gender Pronouns.png

    Gender Pronouns.pdf

    LGBTQIA+ October History Month

    LGBTQIA+ Historical Figures

    Marsha P J LGBTQIA+ Activist.pngAudre Lorde LGBTQIA+ Activist (2).png

    Crystal Jang LGBTQIA+ Activist.pngSylvia Rivera LGBTQIA+ Activist.png

    Jose J Sarria LGBTQIA+ Activist.png

    Audre Lorde LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Marsha P Johnson LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Crystal Jang LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Sylvia Rivera LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Jose J Sarria LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    LGBTQIA+ History Timeline

    LGBTQIA+ History Timeline1.png

    LGBTQIA+ History Timeline (1).pdf