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LGBTQIA+ Student Resources

Orange Coast College is committed to creating an accepting, supportive, and diverse learning environment for all on campus. The Office of Student Equity provides LGBTQIA+ resources for students, faculty, and staff to assist with creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the campus community. 

    What are Gender Pronouns?

    Gender Pronouns.png

    Gender Pronouns.pdf

    Student Equity Staff

    If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to chat with one of our staff members. Click on the card image below to leave a message or schedule a meeting.

    Cranium Cafe Card Image Diana Aguilar.png

    LGBTQIA+ October History Month

    LGBTQIA+ Historical Figures

    Marsha P J LGBTQIA+ Activist.pngAudre Lorde LGBTQIA+ Activist (2).png

    Crystal Jang LGBTQIA+ Activist.pngSylvia Rivera LGBTQIA+ Activist.png

    Jose J Sarria LGBTQIA+ Activist.png

    Audre Lorde LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Marsha P Johnson LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Crystal Jang LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Sylvia Rivera LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    Jose J Sarria LGBTQIA+ Activist.pdf

    LGBTQIA+ History Timeline

    LGBTQIA+ History Timeline1.png

    LGBTQIA+ History Timeline (1).pdf