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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the Student Health Center. If you have a question not found here, please feel free to give us a call at 714-714-7705.

Health Fee & Costs

All my classes are online. I already have health insurance. I won't use the health center. Can I get a health fee refund?

No. Medical and Mental Health providers continue to provide health services to students via telehealth and in-person visits during this COVID pandemic. To access our Medical providers, students can call the Nurse Appointment Line at: (714) 714-7705 or for Mental Health services, call or text: (714) 432-6858. The Student Health Center provides health services for students who may or may not have health insurance and supports the public health and safety of the entire campus community. The required $23 health fee per semester does not qualify as health insurance and we encourage all students to obtain their own health insurance. The student health fee is a state mandated fee for California Community Colleges that can only be waived under certain conditions. The condition under which the health fee can be waived is: You belong to a church or religious organization that depends solely on prayer for healing. If this applies to you, please email to complete the waiver request form.

What does it cost to be seen at the Student Health Center?

Most professional services provided to students in the Student Health Center are free of charge. Outside services such as laboratory tests and gynecological exams may require a small fee. Students who use the Student Health Center pay the actual cost of the medications and supplies used in their care so that these supplies can be restocked. Students also pay the cost of lab tests, which are performed by a private laboratory. All charges are well below what a student would have to pay for similar services outside of the Student Health Center.

Health Insurance 

Do I need health insurance in order to get care at the Student Health Center?
No, your student health fee that is paid with your tuition is all you need.  The Student Health Center does not require nor accept health insurance.

Can I get health insurance through the Student Health Center?
The Student Health Center does not provide health insurance, but can provide you with information about low-cost insurance plans available for college students. Please view information on health insurance options for students.

What if I don’t know where to go to receive affordable medical help?

Any of the Nurses at the Health Center will be able to help you find a referral that is close to school or your home.


How do I get an appointment?
Appointments can be made by calling the Nurse Appointment Line at: (714) 714-7705 or for Mental Health services, call or text: (714) 432-6858.  You must be enrolled and attending classes.

How soon can I be seen by a doctor or nurses? Is there generally a long waiting time to receive an appointment?
Students can expect to see the nurse or doctor within the same week which he/she initially visited or called the Health Center.

Who can be seen in the Student Health Center?
All students currently enrolled and attending classes who have paid the current semester health fee can be seen and treated at the Health Center.

Can my family be seen in the Student Health Center?

Because the student health center is supported directly by the student health fee, we can only treat enrolled students.


What services are available?
The Student Health Center offers treatment for acute short-term illnesses and injuries, women's health services and contraception, physical exams, and lab testing (such as throat cultures, pregnancy testing, and testing for sexually transmitted infections-STIs). In addition, we offer low cost tuberculosis skin tests. We offer free condoms. Our mental health program provides short-term therapy and crisis intervention for students. We can make referrals to community agencies, or help to find appropriate local resources that fit your needs. All services are confidential except in cases where law requires reporting.

Can I get a complete physical or gynecologic exam?
Yes, physicals and gynecology exams are available to students. These appointments must be scheduled.

Do the doctors and nurses treat skin conditions (dermatology)?
Yes, most skin problems can be treated by family practice physicians. Occasionally, a persistent or long-term problem will need to be referred to a specialist in the community (dermatologist). Remember, the Student Health Center concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of short-term episodic illness. We do not remove warts.

How long can I continue to receive help from the mental health team?

The student requesting counseling will receive an intake appointment with a member of our mental health team, who will make a determination regarding a plan for appointments.  If the student & therapist decided longer term of counseling would be beneficial, a community referral is made.


Who provides the care in the Student Health Center? Does the staff consist of "real" doctors and nurses?

Our staff consists of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, medical doctors, licensed Marriage & Family therapists, and graduate interns.

Hours & Location

Where is the Student Health Center located?
The Student Health Center is located on campus between Watson Hall and the gymnasium (facing Fairview Road in parking Lot A).

When is the Student Health Center open?

We are available by phone and limited in person Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm. We are closed on the weekends, college holidays, and during semester breaks. Please call us at 714-432-5808 for summer and intersession hours.


Will details of my medical care be kept absolutely confidential (even from my parents)?

All medical records are CONFIDENTIAL. Your medical records will not be released to anyone without your written consent, except in cases where it is required by law. The Student Health Center follows all state and federal laws pertaining to the confidentiality of medical and mental health records. Our medical office software is stored on a server that is separate from those that contain student records data. No health center data can be accessed from other campus computers. The Student Health Center follows all laws pertaining to reporting of child abuse, danger of harm to self or others, and injury inflicted by domestic partners.