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Medical Care

OCC and Coastline students who are enrolled in the current semester or session and have paid their health fee may seek medical care at the Student Health Center.  Please call 714-714-7705 to schedule an appointment.  A registered nurse will assess the condition or problem, and will either make an appointment for the student to see a college health physician or make a referral for an appropriate health care resource in our local community. Minors may need theMinor Consent Form to be completed by their legal guardian for medical treatment.

The Student Health Center is able to provide basic first aid, medical consultations, and management of acute illnesses. The Health Center offers some wellness services, such as contraception, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, nutrition consultations, health teaching, physicals for entry into the Allied Health programs, and skin testing for tuberculosis. The Health Center does not provide medical management of serious chronic health conditions that require daily medication (such as diabetes, cardiac conditions, hypertension, etc.)  The College Health Nurses can help students find primary care resources in our local community that provide management of chronic medical conditions.

All medical records are confidential.

Women's Health

We offer a comprehensive Women's Health and Family Planning Program to OCC students, including gynecologic examinations, pap smears, clinical breast exams, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, lesbian health issues, contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and referrals to other health professionals if necessary.
The Student Health Center employs experienced female College Health Physicians and a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner to perform these services.  The College Health Nurses provide the paperwork and make appointments for Women's Health services.

Men's Health

Men’s Health care is provided to OCC students, including sexually transmitted infection testing, birth control and safe sex practices (condoms), physical exams, testicular cancer screenings (testicular exam), prostate cancer screening, and gay health issues.


**If you have recently received a COVID vaccine, you must wait 2 weeks before receiving other vaccines.**

Students requesting all immunizations, such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccines will be referred to a local health department or medical facility. The Orange County Health Care Agency provides flu vaccine annually during the fall semester.  The vaccine is provided to Orange Coast College students by the Student Health Center at no cost as long as supplies last.  There is no general immunization requirement to attend OCC. However, various academic programs require proof of immunization status. The Student Health Center nursing staff is available to consult with students regarding immunization requirements for OCC programs.  Students requesting all immunizations, such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), will be referred to a local health department or medical facility.​​

OCC Housing students are required to provide their immunization status and complete all immunizations required by state law before move-in date. Please view Housing students immunization requirements.


Lab Tests

The Student Health Center offers some simple "point-of-care" lab tests, including urinalysis, pregnancy testing, and rapid Strep A.  These tests are performed in the Health Center and the student is charged a very small fee to cover the Health Center's cost.  The student pays only the cost of the lab test with no "mark-up."  This represents a significant discount to our students.  All students receiving laboratory services from WestPac must pay the Student Health Center before going in for the lab test.  The Health Center will not bill students or their insurance.

Campus Injuries

The Coast Community College District maintains a general liability insurance policy that covers medical care for accidents and injuries that occur on district property.  Examples could include student athletes who sustain injuries as a result of team practice or play, or a chemistry student who burns his/her hand on a Bunsen burner.  Allied Health students who are injured at a clinical site are usually covered by worker's compensation through the clinical site, and should check with their clinical instructor for further instructions.

If students are injured on campus or during participation in campus sponsored activities, they must fill out insurance forms with their Athletic Coach, Campus Safety, or the Student Health Center within 72 hours of the accident to access the student accident insurance.  If it is not possible to fill out the forms within 72 hours, please go to the health center as soon as possible to complete this paperwork. 

The policy is valid for one year from the date of injury. In order to be eligible for benefits, the student must be treated for the injury within 120 days from the date of injury. To be covered at 100%, the student must seek treatment from an Anthem Blue Cross PPO Provider.  For additional information regarding student accident insurance, please view Student Insurance USA.  

Note: The student accident policy is secondary to any primary insurance policy covering an injured student, except when the student's primary insurance is Medi-Cal or CHAMPUS.