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Mental Health Care

The Student Health Center provides short term therapy and crisis counseling for currently enrolled students.  Appointments are made by calling 714-432-5808, and listening to the prompts to select "Mental Health Services". 

Psychological Care

Our Mental Health Team sees students for a variety of problems ranging from relationship issues to substance abuse.  The team consists of pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees and Associates who work under supervision of Licensed MFT's.  The student requesting counseling will receive an intake appointment with a member of our mental health team, who will make a determination regarding making a future appointment for counseling or implementing immediate crisis intervention.  Sometimes students have mental health issues that exceed the capacity of the OCC Student Health Center.  The mental health team will then provide community resources that are able to handle long term or acute mental health problems.

Crisis Intervention 

At times, a student may need immediate assistance with a mental health issue.  Students may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope due to problems at school or in their personal lives, or due to the emergence of psychological symptoms such as depression or obsessive-compulsive tendencies.  The OCC Student Health Center staff is experienced at assisting students in crisis, and will provide immediate assistance to students who come to the health center seeking help.