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Welcome to the OCC Student Health Center

Spring 2019 health events: 

January/February (focus: wellness, sexual health, tobacco prevention)

Jan 28 (11am– 12:30pm) – Welcome Wellness outreach

Feb 4 (11am – 12:30pm) – Welcome Wellness outreach

Feb 11 (10am – 2pm) – Pirate Involvement Fest (Club Rush)

Feb 13 (12 – 2pm) – Valentine's tabling with Global Engagement Center

Feb 20 (12 – 1pm) – Cigarette Butt Clean Up 

Feb 21 (12 – 2pm) – Tobacco Prevention Student Leadership Training (at Orange County Healthcare Agency)


March (focus: alcohol prevention)

March 3 (10am - 2pm) – Senior Day

March 17 (10am – 1pm)  – Safer Spring Break Resource Fair


April (focus: sexual assault prevention, consent, healthy relationships, safer sex)

April 28 (11am -1pm) – Our Bodies, Our Minds Mental Health Workshop

April 29  (10am – 1pm) – Sexual Assault Prevention Resource Fair / Denim Day


May (focus: mental wellness, stress management)

May 12 (11am – 12:30pm) – De-stress Outreach

For more info on events, please e-mail Janice Iglesias at

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strengthen student learning, retention and success by supporting the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of students through accessible, high quality health services and programs. 

Vision Statement

Recognizing that wellness is essential to academic success, Student Health Services strives to provide optimum, short-term episodic and emergency medical and mental health services to the college community in a confidential, inclusive environment and with sensitivity to cultural differences and individual needs. Efforts will include health education, community collaboration and strengthening community partnerships.

Accessing Student Health Services

The Orange Coast College Student Health Center offers nursing, medical, and mental health services to students who are enrolled in the current academic semester or session. Students who withdraw from all of their classes in any given semester are no longer eligible for Health Center services in that semester. The student health fee covers most health services including assessments by our medical and mental health providers.

Students are seen on an appointment basis and emergencies are triaged as necessary. Students with

medical concerns can book an appointment with a Registered Nurse who will complete an assessment and determine a plan of care. Those seeking mental health services can book an appointment with a mental health provider. Appointments for both medical and mental health services are made by calling (714) 432-5808. The Student Health Center is closed on weekends, college holidays, and during semester breaks.

Student Health Fees

All students are required to pay the state-mandated health fee, except students who are members of a religious group relying solely on prayer for healing (requires pastoral documentation), students enrolled in courses of less than 2 weeks duration, and students enrolled in apprenticeships only. The health fee is $21 per semester and $17 per summer session. The January intersession is included in the Spring semester for purposes of health fee payment. Consultations with the Health Center Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, and Mental Health Therapists are at no cost to students. Medications,  laboratory services, and physical exams are available at discounted rates for OCC students. 

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