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Math Tutoring

​​Students attending a drop-in tutoring

While campus is closed due to COVID-19, most tutoring services will be offered online and via Zoom sessions.

Students can receive up to 8 hours of tutoring per week for math and other subjects, excluding writing.



One-on-One Appointments: 

There are several math tutors working each hour to help students understand math concepts and stay on task with their homework. Tutors strive to help students better understand course concepts as well as provide strategies for test preparation, note-taking, and time management.

We offer 25-minute and 50-minute one-on-one appointments that students can schedule themselves. Students who enroll in TUTR 050N can visit our Canvas page for more information about how to make tutoring appointments. 

In addition to the appointment options listed above, students who are members of the following programs can schedule standing weekly appointments, appointments that meet at a set day and time every week: Veterans, DSPS, EOPS, Equity, Guardian Scholars, Puente, Umoja, STEM, and PRESS. Students in these programs can ask their counselors to submit a referral form to the Student Success Center for this extra service. Once received, the student will be contacted by a staff member to set up a weekly appointment. The tutor will review class concepts, help answer homework questions, and provide study strategies, like test preparation. 

Study Groups:

Study groups are a good way for students to work together to learn and understand difficult material. The tutor leading the session will review class-specific concepts, help answer questions, and provide study skills tips.  Students may request a study group once they have enrolled in TUTR A050N.  At least 5 student requests are needed to form a group. Once the study group is formed, other students from the same class with the same instructor are welcome to join.

If students or instructors are interested in setting up or joining a study group, please contact Michael Oquist, Tutorial Services Specialist, at

If you encounter issues, need assistance, or have questions, contact us at, where our staff will assist you.