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OCC Early Alert Program
The OCC Early Alert program is part of the Title III Strengthening Institution Plan. The purpose of the program is to strengthen institutional student support services to better identify and provide assistance to students in traditionally difficult classes such as math and English writing and/or to students who might be considered “at-risk” or under prepared. Students are identified by their professors through an online early alert tool and referred to various services via email. Students are then tracked to identify if they followed through with the recommendations from their professors. The ultimate goal is to catch students, who are having difficulty, early in the course and to provide support services to increase student retention and success.

Who Can Use it?
All faculty are invited to participate in the OCC Early Alert and feedback is welcomed and encouraged so that improvements may be made to the system. The system is easy to use and it only takes a couple of minutes to submit alerts. The system includes a pre-populated roster of those enrolled in your class so all you have to do is click and submit.

Why to Use it?
Research shows that referring students having problems with their studies increases retention and success. The OCC Early Alert System is a tool that allows professors to identify students who need assistance such as counseling, tutoring, test-taking skills, etc. to various support services as applicable. When a professor submits an early alert, the student automatically receives an email, which indicates the professor’s concern/s and refers the student to the Student Success Center, Counseling, Student Health Center, etc. The system identifies students who made appointments for tutoring and/or counseling and marks those alerts as complete. This data will be used to analyze student performance and retention rates.

Where it Can be Used?
You can access early alert on campus or off campus from MyOCC.  Click on the following link:  Early Alert Faculty Login

How to Use it?

Already Using, But Need Some Troubleshooting Help

Submit a support request from your on campus computer. By clicking on the support icon on your desktop and filling out a ticket as instructed.

Only if you are off-campus should you request help from Jaki Kamphuis at