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Effectiveness Indicators

Orange Coast College's core indicators are the critical outcomes that illustrate progress towards meeting its goals. Goals are further delineated by strategic objectives, which provide specifics on how goals are operationalized. Core indicators supporting the goals and strategic objectives are defined with performance targets to gauge the extent to which the College is making progress. The core indicators are organized by the College's values and goals (C-L-A-S-S). To access college's latest analysis on its progress towards its core indicators, click on the Core Indicators and Institution-Set Standards Report below.

OCC Core Indicators_Nov 2018.pdf

OCC Atlas 2018-2019 revised 10.15.2019 ADA.pdf

Core Indicators and Institution Set Standards ADA compliant revised July 2019.pdf

State Level Indicators

The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is a collaborative effort to help advance the institutional effectiveness of California Community Colleges and, in the process, significantly reduce the number of accreditation sanctions and audit issues. Most importantly, IEPI will enhance the system’s ability to effectively serve students. An important focus of the grant is to draw on the exceptional expertise and innovation from within the system in advancing best practices and avoiding potential pitfalls.  A framework of indicators has been developed to provide targets in outcome areas important for the short-term and long-term success of colleges. The framework includes student performance and outcomes, accreditation status, fiscal viability, and programmatic compliance with State and Federal guidelines.

Orange Coast College's targets for each indicator are presented below. Our targets were set based on an analysis of historical data trends, a comparative look at the state and where the college's plans align with expected improvement. These were discussed and set through the college's participatory governance structure.

Indicator Rates.png