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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

​Office of Institutional Effectiveness: Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitates and supports campus-wide processes for determining and documenting the effectiveness of programs, services and the institution as a whole in order to foster sustainable continuous quality improvement. Data and statistical analysis are provided as the foundation for the college's strategic planning and decision-making processes. The Office, which reports to the College President, works closely with administrators, staff, faculty, students, and the community to support quality student learning and to foster continuous quality improvements. The Institutional Effectiveness functions include Institutional Research, Strategic Planning, Program Review, Student Learning Outcomes and Accreditation.

The Office is responsible for:

  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating data systematically to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions that lead to continuous organizational improvements.
  • Objective information that supports transparency and a culture of evidence
  • Facilitating the strategic planning process in consultation with the College Council
  • Facilitating assessment of student learning outcomes and program review in consultation with coordinators
  • Assisting with the development, creation and dissemination of plans that help every unit in the institution align its efforts with the mission and long-term vision of the college
  • Providing organizational development services, including project management, strategic, organizational and program planning and assessment
  • Supporting and/or managing the accreditation process