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Parking & Public Safety

Due to the current closure of the campus a parking permit is not required.  When conditions change and the campus reopens, this message will be updated to indicate when parking permits will be required and the effective date.


Residential parking permits are required for The Harbour residents.  

The Orange Coast College Campus Safety Department is "Committed to Your Safety". We are working hard to keep Coast a safe campus. We are proud of that fact and we are here to both serve and protect!

Campus Public Safety Office (inquiries regarding keys, parking regulations, citations, and permits)

(714) 432-5017 (on campus - 25017)

Campus Public Safety Officer (Unit 1) - (714) 412-0582

Campus Public Safety Officer (Unit 1A) - (714) 412-2733

Campus Public Safety Officer (Unit 1B) - (714) 412-1911



Campus Emergency Operations Booklet (PDF)

Things you should know about your classroom pamphlet.pdf

To Purchase a Parking Pass, Log in to MyCoast and click "Purchase an OCC Parking Decal"

How to respond when an Active Shooter is in your vicinity

  1. Evacuate-if you can:
    Run away from the sounds of gun shots
    Look before running around blind corners
    Run in a zigzag pattern
    Keep your hands visible (for arriving police)

  2. Hide-Best Options are:

    A room with a locking door
    A room with no windows
    A room you can barricade the door
    Turn off the lights, stay quiet including your cell phone

  3. Last Resort-Fight back:
    Last Resort Active Shooter Survival Measures (ACT) 

  4. Shots Fired on Campus Training Video: Shots Fired on Campus Video (78 MB)

Campus Public Safety

2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: (714) 432-5017

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED