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Pi Tau Epsilon

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Welcome to Pi Tau Epsilon, the OCC Honor Society for Film and Visual Arts. PTE made its debut in spring 2016.​ Pi Tau Epsilon offers Initial membership to any Orange Coast College student who meets the minimum GPA and coursework criteria. Permanent membership is the only membership that confers transcript notation and honors graduation privileges. 

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Pi Tau Epsilon Executive Board 2019-2020

Christopher Gonzalez, President

Gerardo (Gerry) Reyes Robles 

Minimum Criteria for Permanent Membership:

  • Enrolled in at least 6 units at OCC at the time you apply for PTE membership or renewal
  • Completed 12 or more units of letter-graded coursework at any institution of higher learning within the most reccent three consecutive semesters in attendance 
  • Earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all completed college coursework used to qualify the applicant for membership (no units earned two or more years prior to submittting the application will be used to prohibit membership)
  • Completed at least one qualifying course at OCC; GPA among all qualifying courses must be 3.50 or higher (see list of qualifying courses at OCC below; coursework from other community colleges may be used to meet this requirement - please inquire)

Click here for the applications:

If you've already submitted the GHC General Application form once this year, there is no need to submit it again.




Qualifying Courses:


Art A100 - History and Appreciation of Western Art: Prehistory through Gothic (3 units)

Art A101 - History and Appreciation of Western Art: Proto-Renaissance through Post Impressionism (3 units)

Art A102 - Contemporary Art History (3 units)

Art A103 - History of Asian Art: China, Korea, Japan (3 units)

Art A107 - Introduction to Art (3 units)

Art A108 - Women in Art — 3 units

Art A110 - Color and Design: Two-Dimensional (3 units)

Art A111 - Color and Design: Three-Dimensional (3 units)

Art A115 - Art of the Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous North America (3 units)

Art A114 - Art of the Ancient Americas (3 units)

Art A116 - Furniture Making and Design (4 units)

Art A118 - Product Illustration 1 (2 units)

Art A120 - Beginning Drawing (3 units)

Art A170 - Printmaking 1 (3 units)

Art A141 - Sculpture 1 (3 units)

Art A147 - Jewelry 1 (3 units)

Art A148 - World History of Ceramics (3 units)

Art A150 - Ceramics 1 (3 units)

Art A175 - Screen Process Printing (3 units)

Art A202 - Introduction to Contemporary Art Theory (3 units)

Art A235 - Experimental Painting (3 units)

Art A263 - Watercolor 1 (3 units)

Art A269 - Cartooning 1 (3 units)

Art A286 - Book Arts (2 units)



Design A105 - Design Careers and Lifestyles (2 units)



Digital Media Arts and Design A115 - Lettering and Digital Typography (4 units)

Digital Media Arts and Design A117 - Rapid Illustration Techniques (4 units)

Digital Media Arts and Design A181 - Introduction to Computer Graphics (3 units)

Digital Media Arts and Design A151 - History of Graphic Design (3 units)

Digital Media Arts and Design A150 - History of Media Arts (3 units)

Digital Media Arts and Design A181 - Introduction to Computer Graphics (3 units)

Digital Media Arts and Design A263 - Motion Graphics and Video Compositing with Adobe After-Effects (4 units)



Display and Visual Presentation A180 - Introduction to Display and Visual Presentation (3 units)



Fashion A120 - History of Fashion (1.5 units)

Fashion A121 - Street Style (1.5 units)

Fashion A135 - Design in Everyday Life (2 units)

Fashion A170 - Clothing Design and Selection (3 units)

Fashion A175 - Applied Color and Design Theory (3 units)

Fashion A255 - Fashion Illustrating Techniques 1 (3 units)



Film A100 - History & Appreciation of Cinema (3 units)

Film A104 - The Great Directors of Cinema (3 units)

Film A110 - Video Workshop (3 units)

Film A150 - Introduction to Radio, TV and Film (3 units)

Film A155 - Television Production 1 (3 units)

Film A194 - Digital Film and Video Editing 1 (3 units)

Film/Video A262 - Cinematography (3 units)



Journalism A110 - News Writing and Reporting (3 units)

Journalism A115 - Newspaper Production Level 1 (4 units)



Photography A101 - Photography and Society (3 units)

Photography A120 - Introduction to Photography (3 units)

Photography A123 - Introduction to Digital Photography (3 units)

Photography A130 - History and Aesthetics of Still Photography (3 units)



Architectural Technology A105 – Architectural Drawing and Design Visualization 1 (2 units)

Architectural Technology A110 - Introduction to Architecture (2 units)

Architectural Technology A110H - Introduction to Architecture Honors (2 units)

Architectural Technology A115 - Architectural Design and Theory 1 (4 units)

Architectural Technology A165 - Presentation Graphics for Architecture (2 units)

Architectural Technology A167 - Presentation Video (1 units)

Architectural Technology A207 - Architectural Design Studio (3 units)

Architectural Technology A215 - Architectural Design and Theory 2 (4 units)

Architectural Technology A230 - Architectural Design and Theory 3 (5 units)

Architectural Technology A230H - Architectural Design and Theory 3 Honors (5 units)

Architectural Technology A290 - History of Architecture 1 (3 units)

Architectural Technology A290H - History of Architecture 1 Honors (3 units)

Architectural Technology A296 - History of Architecture 2 (3 units)

Architectural Technology A296H - History of Architecture 2 Honors (3 units)



Interior Design A175 - Applied Color and Design Theory (3 units)

Interior Design A180 - History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings 1 (3 units)

Interior Design A190 - History of Interior Architecture and Furnishings 2 (3 units)


Other courses may be considered for meeting eligibility requirements. Please inquire.

 Last updated 10/08/2019