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Phi Alpha Mu - ФΑΜ
OCC Social and Behavioral Sciences Division Honor Society 

The History of Phi Alpha Mu

PHI ALPHA MU was created in 1957 by the Orange Coast College Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty. It grew from a desire to recognize, honor, and encourage outstanding student achievement in OCC social and behavioral sciences courses. The name was derived from Thucydides who, in reporting the Funeral Oration of Pericles, described the Athenians as searching for “wisdom without loss of strength.” The name, accordingly, is intended to signify an organic fusion of Philosophy, Anthropology, and other matters pertaining to the Muses. Thus, through these studies individuals can achieve “wisdom without loss of strength.”

Each year faculty members donate money to the scholarship fund to award students of excellence. For the past 54 years, a faculty member has dedicated themselves to building Phi Alpha Mu into a strong academic organization, chairing the scholarship committee and advising the students. Phi Alpha Mu remains true to its mission as it helps students excel in its Pillars of Excellence: Leadership, Service, and Research.