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You must be invited to apply for PTK membership. Check your student email for this online invitation from PTK headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi.  If you believe you qualify but did n​​ot receive an invitation, please contact PTK at the Garrison Honors Center:
Click here for the current applications:
If you've already submitted the GHC General Application form once this semester, there is no need to submit it again.

 (Fillable PDF application and General Info form coming soon.)

What are the benefits of PTK Membership?
  • ​Increased potential for scholarship and transfer consideration.
  • Eligibility for chapter officer positions.
  • Development of leadership skills.
  • Opportunities for campus and community service.
  • Social interaction with academically successful, highly motivated PTK members.
  • A special notation on official OCC transcripts.
  • A distinctive seal on OCC diplomas and/or certificates.
  • Recognition at graduation and the privilege of wearing honors regalia.
PTK provides all members with an elegant membership certificate, lapel pin, and membership ID card. Members may take advantage of special discounts offered on various types of insurance (auto, home, life, etc.), purchases (books, computer equipment, PTK logo wear and accessories), a lower-rate Mastercard, free access to an employment website, letters of recommendation for employment, internships, and scholarships from PTK national headquarters, discounts on exam preparation classes, and much more. These may be reviewed by logging on to the PTK website: (Note: details of some benefits require a member ID number to view.)

Who qualifies for membership in PTK?
You are invited to apply for FULL MEMBERSHIP in Phi Theta Kappa/Beta Mu Alpha Chapter at OCC if you:
  • are currently enrolled in classes at OCC
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.50 for all qualifying coursework through the most recently completed semester
  • have completed at least 12 units of letter-graded (A-F), associate-level* coursework
Following acceptance, members MUST maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25 in order to continue to receive benefits and remain eligible for scholarships, etc. Members are honor-bound to report GPA's that fall below 3.25 after accepting membership.
*Associate-level coursework includes any that may be applied to earning an Associate degree: AA or AS (generally courses numbered 100 and higher, though there are a few exceptions), including courses associated with certificate programs. These are listed in Options 1, 2, or 3 of the OCC Catalog and Schedule of Classes. While the level of coursework must be at the "associate level," students need not be working toward AA or AS degrees, certificates, or transfer to apply for Phi Theta Kappa membership.

Provisional membership (CHAPTER membership only) applications may be submitted by OCC students who do not yet meet the requirements for full (chapter, regional and international) membership. Applications will be approved by the current chapter officers on the basis of prior history (e.g., high school, employment, military experience, parenting experience) and short written responses to two prompts. Provisional members may not vote or represent the chapter at official meetings or events of the national or regional Phi Theta Kappa organizations, but may participate in volunteer activities and be recognized on a chapter basis. Provisional members must apply for full membership as soon as they are eligible, or else discontinue their membership altogether.
Provisional members pay only chapter dues, currently $70.00, for up to one year of membership at this level. If, at the end of one year, the student still does not qualify for full membership, s/he may renew as a provisional member for one additional year.
When the Provisional member applies for full membership, s/he pays only the one-time national and regional dues at the prevailing amounts (currently $70.00).

NOTE: Chapter service is not a requirement for international membership; however, a minimum of 20 hours of service to the chapter annually is recommended in order to be minimally competitive for chapter scholarships, state-wide and national scholarship nominations, and other chapter-specific benefits.
Chapter service includes, among other opportunities: attendance at weekly meetings, voluntary participation in chapter events and projects, and voluntarily representing the chapter at charitable and non-profit community events and projects (such as  "Habitat for Humanity" and "Special Olympics," etc.), assisting with membership recruitment, fundraising, and serving as an officer or committee chair.
Ready to be Part of a Team?
You are invited to apply to PTK upon meeting each of the membership requirements for permanent OR provisional status, completing the appropriate application, and remitting your membership dues. When your application is accepted, we'll give you a  chapter t-shirt. Be sure to ask for it when you turn in your application.

Not yet qualified for full PTK membership?
Provisional (chapter level only) membership may be available to you.
Please contact the advisor for the application and sponsorship forms.

May I apply online?
Yes!  Students who are offered membership by the national PTK organization will complete their application and make their full membership fee payment online (currently $140.00).  Those whose memberships began at the provisional level should use a paper application and deduct their previously paid chapter dues.

I can't afford the dues. Is there another payment option available to me?
PTK dues may be paid through EOPS and Guardian Scholars.  Students enrolled in those programs should submit a paper application with their OCC unofficial transcript to the Honors Office  in order to be approved. We will take care of billing the Program for your dues.  
What is the current membership fee for Phi Theta Kappa, and where does the money go?
The current, one-time application fee (also referred to as "dues") for full, lifetime membership is $140.00 payable to Orange Coast College.
Phi Theta Kappa International Headquarters receives $70.00 of the total.
The Beta Mu Alpha chapter at OCC retains $70.00.
Provisional membership requires the payment of chapter dues ($70.00) only with the application. Regional and national dues are paid at the prevailing amounts upon acceptance to full membership.
The chapter uses its income to print applications and related correspondence, cover mailing costs, purchase office supplies, host society events, pay for the expenses associated with members' attendance at recognition ceremonies and conferences, and funds at least one chapter scholarship per year. Membership fees include a chapter t-shirt.
Honorary Memberships
PTK chapter members select individuals from among the faculty, staff, and administrators at OCC or in the Coast Community College District to present each year with Honorary Membership. Recipients have provided critical support or made significant contributions to the success of the Beta Mu Alpha Chapter.
Annual Chapter Service Awards
The Induction Ceremony is the time of year when we recognize the outstanding service to our chapter by our own members. Their accomplishments inspire our newest members to greater and greater success.
​​​Last updated 11/15/18​​