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Activity Classes

The Kinesiology Department consistently offers a wide variety of activity classes (also called physical education classes) to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Researchers have determined that being physically active is important for physical and emotional health while stimulating intellectual capabilities. Research suggests that engaging in regular physical activity is essential for improving cardiorespiratory fitness, development of strong bones and muscles, and weight control. There is evidence that these types of classes also reduce symptoms of anxiety and depressions while reducing the risk of various health conditions including heart disease.

The activity classes benefit students that want to learn specific skills, strategies, and tactics associated with a specific sport. The instructors also create a positive environment where students experience a sense of community and support with peers as they learn.

To meet these needs each class has been leveled so you are eligible to enroll in more than one semester of the same class. Classes are divided into sections to help students locate the type of class they may be interested in. Classes in aquatics, team sports, individual and duel sports, eastern movement, and exercise and fitness are available. Please review the list to consider which type of class is most appropriate for you:

KIN 105 – Cardiovascular Fitness

KIN 106 – Weight Training

KIN 107 – Fitness Programs (Allows students to work out in Fitness Center; open access throughout the day)

KIN 108 – Strength and Conditioning (Allows students to weight train in Fitness Center; open access throughout the day)

KIN 109 – Cardiovascular Training & Strength Development (Allows students access to the Cardio and Weight Training areas of the Fitness Center – Open Access throughout the day)

KIN 110 - Walking for Fitness

KIN 111 - Step and Cardio

KIN 112 – Body Sculpting

KIN 115 - Cross Training

KIN 127 – Karate

KIN 128 – Hatha Yoga

KIN 131 - Swimming for Fitness

KIN 132 – Swimming
KIN 141 – Surfing and Ocean Safety

KIN 145 - Badminton

KIN 146 - Tennis

KIN 147 - Table Tennis

KIN 150 – Basketball

KIN 151 - Futsal/Indoor Soccer

KIN 152 – Soccer

KIN 153 - Golf

KIN 154 – Volleyball
KIN 155 – Bowling

KIN 156 - Rock climbing
KIN 157 – Sand Volleyball

KIN 159 - Lacrosse


For more information about each course, please refer to the Course Catalog.