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English 100 Support

Preparing for ENGLISH 100

. . . if you don't feel ready, or need to try again.

1. Non-Credit Support Options 

English support courses are four-week courses (two-hour class sessions twice per week) designed to help students strengthen specific aspects of their reading and writing skills. Students can take any two courses to earn a certificate of competency for Basic English Skills.

English A001N: Grammar within Reach

This course reviews grammar fundamentals and provides an opportunity to practice varied sentence styles that are immediately applicable to writing for the workplace and for writing in college courses.

English A002N: Reading Tough Texts

This course supports the practice of fundamental reading and study strategies. Students will practice strategies including annotating and summarizing texts, finding main ideas and identifying supporting details, and recognizing larger organizational strategies and stylistic devices in a text. 

English A003N: Paragraphs for Many Purposes

This course takes students through the process of creating cohesive, organized, college-level paragraphs and essay sections in an effort to build essays for a variety of purposes and disciplines.

English A004N: Building a College Essay

This course will take students through the process of building a single, focused college essay--from the planning and outlining stage, to creating a thesis, to gathering support and evidence, to integrating source material. 

2. English 099: Writing With Confidence

This is a course for students who would like a full semester of basic skills instruction. This credit course will help students build various skills required in their English 100 course: thesis development, textual analysis, paragraph development, essay structure, and source integration. 

3. English 100: Embedded Tutoring

This option is meant to address students with a GPA of 1.9 and lower. Embedded Tutors (ETs) will work with the instructor to facilitate in-class activities, offer writing feedback, and be available in the Writing Center to meet with students.