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English as a Second Language

​​​​​Welcome to the Department of English as a Second Language! 

ELL Students.jpg

More ELL Students.jpgIn order to help students achieve these goals, there are two different programs within this department: Credit ESL and Noncredit ELL.

The ESL Credit Program is recommended if you are interested in:

- meeting the requirement of full-time enrollment

- completing a degree or certificate at OCC

- transferring from OCC to a four-year university

- improving English communication in business and professional life

For information regarding Credit ESL and the NEW CURRICULUM, click HERE.  You can also view the ESL Sequence Chart here.

The ELL Noncredit Program is recommended if you are interested in:

- better communication with the English-speaking community

- improving English for US citizenship 

- helping your children in the American school system

- preparing for career certificates/college degrees

- improving English for workplace communication 

For more information about Noncredit ELL, click HERE.

You can also view an ELL Sequence Chart 5.19.pdf