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Mission Statement

​​​​​​​​​The Geography Department at Orange Coast College is a comprehensive program that facilitates the success of general education students and Geography majors by offering lower division courses in World Regional Geography, Physical Geography, Cultural Geography, Weather and Climate, California Geography, Regional Field Studies, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Geography courses prepare students so that they may: understand the world geographically, acquire a geographic framework for the contemporary world, and utilize a unique spatial perspective.  In addition, students who complete our courses should acquire the ability to analyze geographical issues, read and interpret maps, and develop the skills to communicate local, national, and international geographic phenomena to others.

Our mission is to recognize the importance of an informed and geographically literate population and to help students develop a global awareness and an interconnectedness with other cultures around the world.

Because of the increased use of computers and technology, the department is also in the process of developing a more comprehensive GIS program in order to accommodate students who seek job promotions or career changes by having experience in GIS applications.