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Archives Collection Development Policy

​The Orange Coast College Archives is designated as the repository for all materials that have a permanent historical value and document the history of Orange Coast College. The following outlines the Orange Coast College Archives Acquisitions and Collections Policy.

Acquisitions and Collections Policy

  1. Method of Acquisition:
    1. The Archive shall acquire objects for the permanent collection by way of transfer from within the college.
    2. The Archive will have the right to freely display, preserve, and where necessary deaccession the material.
    3. The Archive will not accept conditional transfers.
    4. The Archives Librarian will make decisions and recommendations on collections and/or transfers to the Archives. All recommendations will be documented and retained by the Archives
  2. Collection Criteria:
    1. Relevance: The materials must be relevant to the Archive’s aims and objectives.
    2. Documentation: Priority will be given to materials with associated documentation and support material.
    3. Condition: The condition of the object(s) will be taken into consideration when the librarian reviews the acquired materials
  3. Acquisition Guidelines:
    1. The individual, department, division, or his/her agent will bring the object or objects to the Library. Note: If the materials are in an envelope, box, file, etc., an itemized list must accompany the materials to the Archives.
    2. The Archives & Special Collections Donation and Use Form must be completed in duplicate. One copy will be issued to the owner or agent recording the object’s name, the contact telephone number, and the date. The duplicate copy must stay with the object or objects and be filed.
    3. The Librarian will access the donation and/or transfer for inclusion into the Archives collection. The Librarian’s decision will be documented in the form of minutes.
    4. Refused objects will be returned to the owner or agent.
    5. All objects received will be registered, numbered, and catalogued.

Archive Internal Material Transfer Guidelines

The Archives preserves records and other materials that Orange Coast College considers precious, important, and reflects the history and life of the college. If you are interested in donating, are retiring, or your department is moving and must find a home for its records, awards, and other important materials, you may consider transferring them to the Archives.

Before transferring any records or materials, please review the Archives In-House Collections Contract Form and the list below to determine which items the Archives will accept and whether your materials or records are appropriate.

1. Institutional Records:

Records include the history of buildings, athletics, campus grounds, off campus facilities, special collections, organizations, instructional divisions, departments, administrative offices, administrators, faculty, staff, students, governing boards, and related organizations. Also, any documents containing deeds, charters, events, speeches, and meeting minutes.

2. Student Records:

Records include minutes, reports, and memorabilia of student clubs and organizations.

3. Publications:

The Archives preserves student yearbooks such as “The Log,” the College Catalog, the Schedule of Classes, Student Handbooks, campus literary publications, Student Newspapers, Coast to Coast newsletters for staff, promotional flyers, pamphlets, and telephone directories and similar relevant materials.

4. Audio Visual Materials:

These materials include photographs, negatives, slides, renderings, drawings, and video and sound recordings of former and current Orange Coast College students, faculty, staff, and campus events.

Inappropriate for the Archives

1. Routine correspondence.

2. Routine accounting transactions.

3. Routine student records.