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Preparing for Your Online Class

Online Check list:

  1. Prepare your computer for your online class.
  2. Email your Instructor by Wednesday of the first week of class.
  3. Check the course description in MyCoast or in your instructor's syllabus (if posted) for information about web camera and online proctoring practices. 
  4. Support Website if you still need help.

Don't lose your place in class!

  • Check in with your instructor via email between Monday and Wednesday of the first week of class.
  • If you do not email your instructor between Monday and Wednesday of the first week, you could lose your space in the class or miss important class work.
  • In order to email your instructor use the school directory.

When can I start my class?

  • You will have access to your online courses on the first day of term. Your instructor may contact you with login information and dates.   

Are you adding a course after the first week of instruction?

If your instructor has given you an add code to register for a closed course,  you need to take ONE of the following steps.
  • For Canvas classes:
    • You must complete your MyCoast registration using this add code. You should have access to your online class within 48 hours of registering. If not, create a support ticket
  • For Non-Canvas classes:
    • Some faculty choose to use other websites for their course content If your instructor does not use Canvas, email the instructor directly for instructions.