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Starting Your Class

How to find & access your course

If your instructor has posted online materials, you will find these in our new learning management system, Canvas
Before you access your online class, you should review the information here on the Orange Coast Online Classes web pages, especially the "Preparing for Your Online Class" page and the online tutorials, as these will help you understand the Canvas environment, so you can focus on your course work instead of learning the program. 
Remember: Your online course will become available at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the course. In order to access your online class, you must be officially enrolled in the course.

Access Your Course

To access your online classroom in Canvas you need to log in to using your MyCoast username and password. Your Student ID (C#) will not work.  You can also find the Canvas link on the OCC home page. If you need assistance with the login process, complete a technical support request. 

Every class on campus has an online classroom available; the extent to which it is used is up to the instructor. Some courses are taught 100% online using Canvas, while others may just have a syllabus and a few files for your reference. Click on your course to see what's available in your online classroom. Again, your online classroom will become available on the first day of the course at 8:00 a.m.