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The Giles T. Brown Student Project & Research Symposium

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"The innovation, creativity, dedication of each presentation was inspiring.  This is a tangible representation of how OCC is preparing students to perform research at the four-year level." -Symposium Attendee

The Giles T. Brown Student Project and Research Symposium provides a venue for students from any field at OCC to showcase work they've done in class or independently with faculty or staff sponsors.  There are several ways work can be shared, including poster, oral presentation, or exhibition of work. 

This year's event was April 22, 2022

Location: College Center, 3rd floor


Poster session

Poster Session

The poster session provides the opportunity to share work through a visual presentation and includes a question and answer period. The posters will be on display throughout the symposium and the author(s) is/are present.  It provides an opportunity to communicate with peers in an informal and intimate setting.

Student presenting their research

Oral Presentations

The oral presentation, sometimes called a paper session, will be a 15-minute oral presentation with 5 minutes of questions.  

Some examples of a project or research presentation might include topics like: 

  • The effect of visual input on brainwaves
  • An app
  • An analysis of a dance performance
  • Literature reviews
  • The effects of caffeine on VO2max
  • The comparison of performance on a rubric as judged by an instructor compared with a final grade, or the effect of messaging on exercise seeking behavior.
  • And more.  

Exhibition of Work 2019 StudentExhibition of Work or Performance

The exhibition of work  or performance is a category suitable for creative works.

The display time includes a question and answer period. The work will be on display throughout the symposium and the author(s) is/are present.  It provides an opportunity to communicate with peers in an informal and intimate setting virtually.

Some examples are:

Surfboard exhibition of work

interpretative dance performance

musical performance

technology exibition of work

  • Interpretative dance
  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Machined products
  • Architectural design
  • Ice sculptures
  • A musical performance
  • And more.  
This venue will have works on display throughout the symposium.

Talk with your faculty or staff mentor if you are not sure whether your work is best suited to a poster, oral presentation, or exhibition of work.   Any work may have more than one author or presenter and should include projects that have been done in class.

Attendee Praise:

Also be sure to attend as the experience is one of a kind:


  • "In regards to myself, the diversity of research projects made the experience valuable because I get the opportunity to gain knowledge that I likely would never had earned had I not come.  For the school and its students, the opportunity to study something your passionate about and then share that with others is valuable." -Symposium Attendee

  • "The students are great!  The variety of projects and the diversity of students made this event amazing." -Symposium Attendee
  • "It is wonderful that we are cultivating curiosity and giving these students a chance to gain real world experiences." -Symposium Attendee

Contact Information

Ulrike Green -

Amy Hellman - 

Organizing Team

Melissa Archibald, Rachel Berman, Erik Bender, Diane Brown, Katherine Donahoe, Kelli Elliott, Robert Ellis, Jerome Fang, Melissa Ferguson, Neil Godfrey, Erin Gratz, Ulrike Green, Amy Hellman, Sharyn Konick, Jon Mochizuki, Duy Pham, Brent Rudmann, Teresa Scarbrough, Michael Sutliff, Marie Tsaasan, Laura Wagner, and Lane Whitlow