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K-12 Summer Camps and Challenges

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OCC Starkids Virtual Summer Camps

July 6th -31st


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NASA ROADS Student Challenge

ROADS, the Rover Observation And Drone Survey on Mars Challenge is a team challenge for grades 3-12. The challenge follows in the path of the Mars 2020 rover and focuses on guiding students in understanding Rover Observation and Drone Survey. 

At-Home Nasa Roads Freestyle Challenge

For this Spring of social distancing, we have developed a ROADS Freestyle challenge.  Freestyle follows a similar path as the formal ROADS challenge, but is designed to be an activity that teams can do entirely with materials found at home.

Freestyle is a separate challenge from the formal ROADS on Mars challenge we've been working together on.

  • Currently registered ROADS teams can choose (or not!) to participate in the Freestyle challenge.
  • Any team of students K-12 across the U.S. can register for Freestyle.
  • No part of the ROADS on Mars challenge counts as points for Freestyle, and conversely no part of Freestyle counts as points for ROADS on Mars.
  • Teams must register for Freestyle to be eligible for prizes -- which means that any ROADS on Mars teams who do want to participate must complete the registration form!  

The website for the Roads Freestyle Challenge is here.

Meet an Expert: Ben Honey from Mission Control

For our next subject matter expert — we’re chatting with Mission Control! Ben Honey is an Attitude Determination and Control Officer (ADCO) for the International Space Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. 

access both audio and video, join the meeting using this link:

"Meet an Expert" series
Earlier this week we had an amazing Zoom session with astronaut Fred Haise of the Apollo 13 crew.  And next week our "Meet an Expert" series will feature another planetary protection expert.

Fred Haise — Now up on YouTube
We've posted the video from our Zoom chat with Fred Haise to our YouTube channel.  If you've missed any of our past "Meet an Expert" sessions, you can also catch up on them there.

"Meet an Expert" — André Galli
For our next "Meet an Expert" chat, André Galli from the University of Bern in Switzerland will join us to delve more into planetary protection!  Students will have time for Q&A with André after his presentation.

ROADS Freestyle — Submission date extended!
We've extended the submission date for the ROADS Free Challenge.  Freestyle teams now have up to May 18 to get their submissions to us.

Haven't signed up for the Freestyle challenge yet?  There's also still plenty of time to register.  Details on the challenge are at:

Challenge Deadlines:

  • Academic year hubs - December 17,2019
  • ROADS Freestyle May 18.

For more information and to register, you can click Here 

To upload materials, go Here

SoCal Regional Manual

Register for a free 2-day professional development workshop here:

Google Form

Here is the professional development presentation for the ROADS on Mars Challenge that will take place April 25th in Costa Mesa, CA.