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Non-Payment Drop Policy

Drop for Non-Payment Schedule is subject to change. Please refer to this page for the updates.

Student Responsibility:

Students are responsible for any fees incurred and grades received. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes by the State mandated refund deadline to ensure cancellation of fees, to be eligible for a refund and to avoid fee obligations. Students MUST print a student class program (available via MyCoast portal) to verify all withdrawals.

Prior to the Start of Term:
Fees are due IMMEDIATELY at the time of registration. All fees must be paid including the Health Fee, College Service Charge and any Material Fees by all students, including Financial Aid students. Orange Coast College does not bill for registration fees. If payments are not received by the dates listed below, students may be dropped from classes (including Waitlist classes) to make seats available for other students seeking to register. It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from classes by the refund deadline to ensure cancellation of fees.

NOTE: It his highly recommended that students use Google Chrome as their browser when making payments on the student portal. Safari is not recommended.


Students Owing Less Than $100: Students who have a balance due of less than $100 will not be dropped from classes, but unpaid balances will result in a hold on your account that prevents obtaining student records, including transcripts, verifications of enrollment, diplomas, etc.


Students Owing $100 or More: Students who have a balance due of $100 or more will be dropped from classes (including Waitlist classes) if payments are not received by the dates listed below.

Once the Term Has Started:
Students who are enrolled in classes as of the first date of the term or after the term begins, and have not paid fees, WILL NOT be dropped for non-payment. Students will incur a financial obligation to the college AND a hold will be placed on their record if payment is not received or they do not drop prior to the refund deadline. This hold will block future registration (adds, drops), obtaining transcripts, grades, diplomas, or verification of enrollment until all fees are paid.

Non-Payment Drop Schedule - Intersession/Spring 2022

Students who have not paid their account balance in full may be dropped for non-payment of fees as follows:


November 18, 2021 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between October 25 and November 7

December 2, 2021 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between November 8 and November 21

December 9, 2021 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between November 22 and November 28

December 16, 2021 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between November 29 and December 5

January 13, 2022 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between December 6 and January 2

January 20, 2022 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between January 3 and January 16

January 27, 2022 Thursday (2:00pm): For registration between January 17 and January 23

January 28, 2022 Friday (2:00pm): For registration between January 24 and January 27

This is the final drop for non-payment for Spring 2022 registration. Any registration that has occured through January 27 and not been paid will be dropped for non-payment.

Any registration that occurs on or after January 28th will not be dropped for non-payment. Students that enroll are responsible for paying their fees or withdrawing from classes prior to the refund deadline to cancel fees.

Financial Aid Recipients that are determined to be eligible for Federal or State Grants or Loans May NOT be dropped for non-payment. Financial aid students not subject to drop for non-payment receive an email indicating they will not be dropped for non-payment.  Those students are responsible for dropping any classes they do not intend to take and verifying the drop by printing the “Student Class Program/Web Schedule bill. Once the financial aid award has been posted to the students account, students with a fee balance will be able to pay the balance through their MyCoast portal. Students will be notified after the semester begins if they have a balance due. Note: If you do not receive this email, you are still responsible for paying your fees, or you may be dropped for non-payment.  Applying for Financial Aid does not mean that you qualify for or will receive financial aid.

California College Promise Grant recipients (Formerly Board of Governors Fee Waiver-BOGFW)

Students that receive the California College Promise Grant are responsible for paying the College Service Charge and Student Health Fee, as the Grant only  waives the per unit  enrollment fees.  If you do not pay the College Service Charge and the Student Health Fee you may be dropped for non-payment. Verify your payment by printing your Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill).