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Honors Night Committee


Dr. Derek Vergara, Dean of Students & Honors Night Chair  

Douglas Bennett, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement 

Michael G. Morvice, Director, Student Life & Leadership Development 

Dr. Tijai Nguyen, Scholarship Program Coordinator 

Maria DeNunno, Administrative Assistant, Dean of Students Office 

Erik Forssell, Instructor, Film & Television 

Kevin O'Hara, Instructor, Film & Television/ Department Chair 

Kevin Holder, Communications Media Specialist-Video 

Juan Gutierrez, Director of Marketing and Public Relations 

Jose Recino, Director, Maintenance & Facilities 

Thomas Selzar, Director, Food Services 

Jim Rudy, Director, Campus & Public Safety 

Jasmine Nguyen, Catering, Food Services 

Brock Cilley, Theater Events Coordinator 

Quintin Powell, Theater Technical Specialist 

David Scaglione, Instructor, Theatre Art 

Brenda Shine, Instructor, Hospitality 

Andrea Rangno, Public Information Specialist 




Douglas Bennett, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement 

Mike Carey, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator   

Julia Clevenger, Director, Chancellor Office Operations & Government Relations 

Michael Collier, Community Member Representative 

Cristina Crouth, Student Programs Specialist, EOPS 

Eric Cueller, Counselor 

Katherine Donahoe, Chemistry Instructional Assistant 

Amber Gan, Student Representative 

Jan Goerrissen, Instructor, Biology 

Rene Kinn, Administrative Assistant, Foundation 

Jon Mochizuki, Instructor, History 

Dr. Tijai Nguyen, Scholarship Program Coordinator 

Yvette Nguyen, Counselor 

Virginia Nuzzolese-Laflamme, Student Success Center Instructional Associate 

Marco Ochoa, Coach, Men & Women Intercollegiate Athletics  

Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Foundation Development Specialist, Foundation 

Leland Paxton, Instructor, Art 

Vida Shajie, Counselor, EOPS 

Rini Sukaesih, Admissions & Records - Enrollment Technician 

Steve Tamanaha, Dean, Student Success & Support Services  

Sean Wellengard, Staff Aide, Foundation 



Gladys Calderon, Program Facilitator, Global Engagement Center 

Maricela Sandoval, Director, Equity Programs & Services 

Carlos Amescua, Student Success & Equity Specialist, Student Success & Support Services 

Dr. Julie Nguyen, Student Leadership Coordinator 

Dr. Dean Abernathy, Instructor, Architectural Technology/Honors Program Coordinator 

Dr. Kaveh Bahraini, Counselor, Disabled Students Programs & Services 

Jason Kehler, Athletic Director, Kinesiology & Athletics 

Michael G. Morvice, Director of Student Life & Leadership Development