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ESL Support Courses

ESL A045N: ESL Support for Freshman Composition - Reading and Vocabulary

This course focuses on improving reading skills and reading comprehension by demonstrating reading strategies and building vocabulary for non-native speakers of English enrolled in English 100.

ESL A046N: ESL Support for Freshman Composition - Sentence Structure

Advanced sentence structures for English 100 non-native students, especially clauses, compound and complex sentences.

ESL A047N: ESL Support for Freshman Composition - Spelling Techniques

This course will help students to learn basic spelling patterns of English by focusing on short and long vowels, consonants, consonant blends, prefixes, suffixes, homonyms, and homophones. Students will practice and memorize some of the more common words in English in addition to discussing and identifying some common mistakes that English language learners make in spelling. By learning the sounds of English, students will also improve pronunciation.

ESL A048N: ESL Support for Freshman Composition - Advanced Pronunciation

This course is for ESL students at an advanced level of oral expression and pronunciation. It provides instruction in refining pronunciation skills in order to communicate as per the conventions of academic English in order to be able to succeed in Freshman Composition and other college-level courses.

ESL A049N: ESL Support for Freshman Composition - Advanced Grammar Noncredit

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and usage of advanced English grammar and to improve grammatical accuracy in writing and to develop strong editing skills for advanced second-language students. Individual attention is given to sentence structure and usage problems (verb tenses, passive voice, word and verb forms) needed for English 100 and other college-level courses.