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My Course Recommendations

You will have access to register for first-level transfer courses in English, ESL, and Mathematics regardless of current placement or enrollment in a pre-transfer level course. You will also receive a recommendation on the level of support needed in order to succeed in the transfer course. The recommendation is based on the following placement rules: Placement Rules for English and Placement Rules for Math.

Verify your course recommendations on MyCoast > My Records > Unofficial Transcripts. Check out the How to Understand Your Course Recommendations video.

Don't see your course recommendation? Please email us at Make sure you include your OCC ID number.


You can start above first-level transfer courses by completing a Prerequisite Form AND submitting one of the following:


Math: You can receive access to Business Calculus, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus I based on specific rule sets: Placement Rules for Math


English: A score of "3" or above on the AP English Literature or English Language and Composition exam will allow students to register for English A101: Critical Thinking/Reading/Writing Lit.


Math: A score of "3" or above on the AP Calculus AB will allow students to register for Math A185: Calculus 2. A score of 3 or 4 on the Calculus BC exam will allow students to register for Math A185: Calculus 2. A score of 5 on the Calculus BC exam will allow students to register for Math A280: Calculus 3 or a higher math course.



Successful completion of English or math transfer-level courses from an accredited college or university that is considered equivalent at Orange Coast College with a "C" or better.


English/ESL Courses

Math Courses

​​English A100: Freshman Composition

Math A100: Liberal Arts Math
​ESL A100: ESL College Composition
Math A104: Math for Elementary Teachers
Math A115: College Algebra
Math A120: Trigonometry
Math A155: Finite Math with Applications

Math A160: Introduction to Statistics

Support Options for English/ESL

​Support Options for Math

English A001N: Grammar within Reach*Math A090: Co-Requisite Support for Math A100
​English A002N: Reading Tough Texts*
Math A091: Co-Requisite Support for Math A115
​English A003N: Paragraphs for Many Purposes*
Math A092: Co-Requisite Support for Math A120
English A004N: Building a College Essay*Math A093: Co-Requisite Support for Math A160
​English A006N: 100 Reinforcement*
​Math A004N: Math Jam Basic Math Comp. Skills*
English A100 Embedded Support
Math A082N: Math Jam for STEM Pathway*
ESL A045N: ESL Support for Fresh Comp - Reading and VocabularyMath A086N: Math Jam for SLAM Pathway*
ESL A046N: ESL Support for Fresh Comp - Sentence Structure
ESL A047N: ESL Support for Fresh Comp - Spelling Techniques
ESL A049N: ESL Support for Fresh Comp - Advanced Grammar
*These courses are non-credit which means they are zero-unit courses.
You do not need to pay enrollment fees for non-credit courses.



The Student Success Center, located in the Classrooms and Labs (C&L) building, room number 103, provides drop-in tutoring, study groups, and individual appointments.

Questions? Contact us at