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Support Courses

The AB 705 Initiative and What it Means for Students

Why AB 705?

The intent of AB 705 is to maximize the success of students by allowing them to start English and Mathematics courses at transfer-level while receiving the necessary support. In registering for an English and/or Mathematics course for the Fall 2019 semester, students will receive a recommendation on the level of support needed in order to succeed in the transfer course. The recommendation is based on high school coursework, grades, and GPA. 

Please review this notice related to OCC’s implementation of AB 705

What To Do Next?

Starting the Fall 2019 semester, students may register for first-level transfer courses in English and Mathematics regardless of placement or current enrollment in a pre-transfer level English and/or Mathematics course. 

Students do not need to submit any documentation (e.g. high school transcripts, previous placement scores, etc.) in order to receive first-level transfer English and Mathematics placement. For further information on how students are placed, please refer to our English Placement Rules and Math Placement Rules.

If you feel, or you have been told, you might need extra support for a transfer-level course based on your high school experience, please see the list of support options below.

Students wishing to place in higher level transfer courses, please submit a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form