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Counseling Latin@s for Equity & Engagement (CLEEO): Create movement toward an educational pathway of success and degree attainment

CLEEO Project

​The Vision of the CLEEO Project

CLEEO Project has a commitment to promote Latin@s access and success in higher education in an equitable and culturally supportive environment.  The CLEEO Project’s focus is on developing an educational pathway for college students with an emphasis on the successful development of life skills and the attainment of Associate and Bachelor degrees and beyond toward a Post-Graduate education.

CLEEO Project: Benefits and Services

A Multicultural Counseling Service guided with a culturally sensitive focus and understanding of Latin@ perspectives and directed toward academic major preparation and success in transferring to universities and preparation for postgraduate school (PhD.) and Professional School (Business, Law, and Medicine). Also, Counseling services available for students interested in the OCC Honors program and career specialization in STEM and Future Teacher Preparation.     

CLEEO Project: Academic Opportunities and Events

Counseling Honors Course: The Chican@/Latin@ Experience in Higher Education 
View the Chican@/Latin@ Experience in Higher Education flyer.

CLEEO Learning Cohort 5.0: Race, Ethnicity, and Equity in America 

  • Counseling A107 (21652) & A107H (21862) - Chican@/Latin@ Experience in Higher Education, Professor: Eric Cuellar 1.7 Hrs/Wk arr in addition to any scheduled hrs if applicable M 3:00-4:25 PM Orange Coast Liveonline 

  • Ethnic Studies A150 (21096) - Ethnic Groups in the USA, Professor: Dr. Jordan Stanton 3.4 Hrs/Wk online in addition to any scheduled hrs if applicable 
  • Political Science A180 (22367)- American Government, Professor: Dr. Rendell Drew 3.4 Hrs/Wk online in addition to any scheduled hrs if applicable

Lecture/Workshop Semester Series: featuring national and global recognized guest scholars.

Annual Cuellar Family Scholarship for transferring students

Presentations by University representatives regarding transfer preparation and academic programs.

Academic and Career Networking and Mentoring for students

Latin@ Youth Conference

CLEEO Project Professional Development Opportunities for faculty and staff focused on Cultural Competency.

CLEEO Summit 10.0 Events

Presentation by Luis Valdez  

Apr 21:  3 - 4 p.m., Live on Zoom* 

*To RSVP e-mail Eric Cuellar,

Luis Valdez is a playwright, screenwriter, and film director.  Mr. Valdez is a recipient of the National Medal of the Arts, the highest honor given to artists by the United States government and a council member for the National Endowment for the Arts.  

He is regarded as the father of Chicano film and theater.  His career highlights include creating in the 1960's El Teatro Campesino as part of the Civil Rights Movement, the first Chicano director to present a play on Broadway titled, Zoot Suit, and wrote and directed the highly acclaimed film, La Bamba.  In addition, Mr. Valdez has been awarded the Peabody Award and Aguila Azteca Award by the Mexican Government.  

Ulama: "The Mesoamerican Ballgame"

Mar 22: 3 - 4:15 p.m., Live on Zoom* 

*To RSVP e-mail Eric Cuellar,

This presentation is presented by Dr. Manuel Aguilar-Moreno Professor of Art History, CSULA

“Covid 19 & Latinos: Opportunities to Strengthen Student Leadership for Community Engagement” 

Feb 18 - May 13: 2:35 - 4:35 p.m., Live on Zoom* 

*To RSVP e-mail Eric Cuellar,

This 8 session seminar, presented by Dr. David E. Hayes Bautista, Professor at UCLA School of Medicine. To learn more about this seminar, including a full list of dates, view the Facta Lux Seminar Series Flyer.

Contact Information:

Eric Cuellar

Associate Professor of Counseling and CLEEO Coordinator

OCC Multicultural Center

(714) 432-5778