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Online Accommodations

Accommodations for Test Taking

  • Submit your Accommodation Letter to your Professor(s). It is each student's responsibility to share this letter with the professor whose course you intend to use your approved accommodations.
  • It is strongly recommended to discuss your accommodations at the start of the semester with each professor.
  • It is recommended to send an email reminder to each professor 1 week before the exam indicating you plan to use your extended test time accommodation.
  • Professors will make time adjustments on the online platform(s) they are using to proctor exams. In the event your professor cannot accommodate your extended testing time due to time conflict, contact your DSPS counselor immediately to determine resolution.


Note taking Accommodations for Online Courses:

  • During this time, all classes have been moved to an online setting. There are generally two types of online course, (1) Live-online which requires a remote class meeting(s), and (2) fully-online which does not have any class meeting times. Furthermore, for fully online classes that do not have a live lecture, there may not be a need for a note-taking assistance accommodation.
  • Many instructors during this time are recording their live-zoom classes and making them available through Canvas. In this case, students will have the capability to go back and review previously recorded lectures for further clarification.
  • If you have been approved for a notetaking assistance accommodation, and plan to request to use this for a specific course, please complete the Alternate Note Taking Request form.
  • Lecture Notes will be distributed to students OCC email.