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Online Tutoring

We are offering two types of Tutoring Online

1. Using OCC tutors in a Zoom Session 

You need to register for Tut 050 CRN (42055 Spring 2021)

How to register for Tut 050 Video:

You then need to set up your Accudemia Password. A link is available through Canvas.

Then you can schedule your appointment through Accudemia or visit the Virtual Front Desk with the link provided.

Any questions please email:

2. Use an Independant company's (Brainfuse) Tutors

This service is available to you for up to 9 hours per month.

Once you have logged into Canvas,

Click on to your course.

Click on the online tutoring link:

Subjects available for Online Tutoring:

·         Business

o   Accounting

o   Econ

o   Intro Finance

o   Macroeconomics

·         Computer & Tech

o   Excel

o   Powerpoint

o   Windows

o   Word

·         English

o   College Reading

o   Writing

·         Math

o   Calc

o   College Algebra

o   Geometry

o   Pre-Algebra

o   Precalc

o   Statistics

o   Trig

·         Nursing

o   Allied Health Essay Review

o   Care Plans

o   Emergency Care

o   Medical Assisting

o   Medical Surgery

o   Nursing Administration

o   Oncology

o   Pharmacology

o   Women’s Health

·         Science

o   Anatomy

o   Bio

o   Chem

o   Organic Chem

o   Physics

·         Social Science

o   History